My two worlds

​Music and graphics has been the drive of my life, I remember since ever, being distracted by the sound of music or finding myself staring ​at things, anything, could be a rock, a face, the rain, who knows, and learning in that process to add songs or sound to moments, people or experience I was going through at that point.

​Here it is the first combination of sound and image which is going to be the drive of this blog, hoping that someone out there find this entertaining and interesting enough to go through the same experience I have been so far in my time living this amazing experience called life.

​The image I present you this time it is from the Panamanian Public Market, photo I took in 2003 with 35mm film (something that is almost a relic), the new Panama changed this area with complete new make up, which make this picture something very special to me.

The song chosen for this picture is for some of you that already now me, who ​I called often the maestro and source of inspiration Ruben Blades, and the name of the song is Tu y mi ciudad, from the album Tiempos, one of the most inspiring music production I’ve heard in my life.